Moonlight Jasmine

As evening approaches and the delicate petals of Jasmine are at their most fragrant, you will not be disappointed with this wonderful aroma dancing through the rooms of your home.

Heart of the Ocean

On reflection of holidays gone by, this fragrance reaches all destinations.  With a sprinkle of sea spray, seaweed and sun weathered driftwood, entwined with a hint of Water Lily, it is sure to transport you back to many relaxing and happy times spent by the coast.

Fields of Provence

In keeping with the elegantly lined fields of the French Provence, this delicate fragrance of lavender infused with the sharpness of fruity lemons will create that calm and relaxing, yet invigorating feel to your very own chateau – a fragrance to be adored!

Baby Shower

What could be more perfect than the scent of a newborn baby after bath time.  For all new Mom’s to be, or those just looking for that ‘new addition’ to their home – this fragrance is reminiscent of the famous baby powder that we all know and love.

Wild Honeysuckle

Just like a beautiful midsummers day, the sweet scent of honeysuckle weaved with notes of Jasmine, Rose and Lilac all gracefully shine through to create that English country garden feel no matter what the season!

Satin Sheets

Surround yourself in luxury with the sumptuous scent of smooth satin sheets.  With a mix of citrus fruit blended with white jasmine and woody amber, this fresh, clean but alluring fragrance is sure to be your dream escape!